So, you think you would like to start a chapter?

The first thing you need to do is:


Cowboys for Christ is not a substitute for the local church or assembly, nor is it in competition with any denominational group. It seeks rather through God Enabling grace to b e a helper to all local churches, denotations and groups to extend the word of God. It is designed for an out reach and building up the body of Christ. God’s blood brought people and in harmony with the work of the Holy Spirit is an active force in the lords program for the present day.

Set a meeting date 4 to 6 weeks in advance to see if you have the interest in your area to support a chapter contact the following places.

  • Christian organizations
  • Radio stations
  • Livestock people
  • Feed Stores
  • Rodeo Associations
  • And local newspapers to get the word out that you are going to have the meeting.

A Cowboys for Christ Chapter's direction is towards Fellowship, Outreach, and Support for Churches and Ministries, Be Christ-like in your daily walk, Promote Christianity.

An example of functions that Cowboys for Christ chapters participate in are; trial rides, horse shows, rodeos, horse sales, parades.

Examples of Fund Raisers that Cowboys for Christ chapters do are Rodeos, horse and livestock shows, play days, trail rides, campouts, dinner meetings, car washes (youth), etc.

Remember!! This is a ministry and you are representing Jesus, Be courteous, Be responsible, Be loving, Be sincere, and Be Christ-like.

O.K. Now that you have taken time to think about this. And Prayed about it. Set your First Meeting date and see if you have the interest in your area. Then contact the Cowboys for Christ headquarters in Ft Worth and ask us to send you a start-up packet. If you are interested after reading through the packet, complete the paperwork and submit it to Cowboys for Christ for approval.

This is a basic introduction, contact us to learn more. Cowboys for Christ Headquarters 817-236-0023

Cowboys for Christ is a not for profit organization, so your contribution is totally tax deductible and goes to further the kingdom of God.

So please help us to move ahead and bring the message to people so they can know the Lord Jesus!