Statement of Position

Supreme authority over this organization and all its activities is vested in Gods' own son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and exercised by the Holy Spirit. This must be recognized and practiced as laid out for us in Gods' divinely inspired Word, the Holy Bible.

Cowboys For Christ is not in competition with any denominational group. It seeks, rather, through God's enabling grace, to be a helper to all local churches, denominations and groups to the extent that they are in harmony with the will of the Almighty God. It's function is to proclaim the Word of God. It is designed for outreach and building up of the Body of Christ, Gods' blood-bought people, and in harmony with the work of the Holy Spirit as an active force in the Lord's program for the present day.

Cowboys for Christ is a not for profit organization, so your contribution is totally tax deductible and goes to further the kingdom of God.

So please help us to move ahead and bring the message to people so they can know the Lord Jesus!