Who we are

Cowboys For Christ (CFC) was founded in 1970 and is a ministry that God called to reach out to the livestock industry worldwide. Everyone is welcome, you don’t have to be in the Livestock industry or a Cowboy or Cowgirl to be a part of this group. We are highly evangelical and very mission minded. We don’t take the place of the local church. We work with local churches to fill the kingdom of God.

The doors of Cowboys for Christ fellowships are always open to everyone; the saved and the unsaved, city and country folks alike.

Come as you are.

God Bless you all. See you on the Trail.

What we do

Christian Ranchman

A major ministry function of Cowboys For Christ is to publish and distribute The Christian Ranchman, which is a sixteen page cowboy Christian newspaper. This is the official publication of Cowboys For Christ and it is dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST. It is filled with testimonies, articles, and letters from Cowboys and Cowgirls from across the nation. The Christian Ranchman is printed and mailed to almost fourteen thousand homes, ranches, prisons, business and individuals throughout the United States. There is no charge for this ministry publication, and it is sent free to all who request to be added to the mailing list.

Cowboy Church

Another function that has become the hallmark of the Cowboys For Christ ministry is conducting “Cowboy Church” at rodeos, horse shows, horse sales, trail rides, livestock events, state and county fairs and anywhere and everywhere that we are given the opportunity to minister. These “Cowboy Church” services provide Cowboys, Cowgirls, and everyone who is in the area an occasion to worship while traveling away from their local church. It is also a major evangelical movement as the reputation of Cowboys For Christ, known nationwide draws the saved, as well as, the unsaved to hear the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.


Ordained Cowboy and Cowgirl Chaplains through our department:



Ministry Material

The Christian Ranchman and all ministry material are absolutely “FREE” of charge to everyone and anyone who has an interest. There are no mailing charges or handling fees for any ministry material; such as, The Christian Ranchman, tracts, Bible studies, bumper stickers and all other printed ministry material. There is also a special “Prisoner Packet” developed especially for the many prisoners that personally request or are asked by family or friends to be added to the mailing list.