Missouri Chapters

Salvation Riders

President: Jim Harrison
Phone: 417-682-9219
Vice President: David Eaves
Phone: 417-214-1239

Cotton Creek

President: Chaplain Mike Stephens
Phone: 816-256-1043
Vice President: Bob Simmons
Phone: 816-776-2936

God’s Country

President: Tony Smith
Phone: 417-274-4334
Vice President: Chaplain Laurie Smith
Phone: 417-274-4333

Lone Jack Chapter

President: Chaplain Tom Brookshier
Phone: 816-215-5424
Vice President: William Putthoff
Phone: 816-309-3030

High Point Chapter

President: Chaplain Jay Bettis
Phone: 816-457-9004
Vice President: Doug Porter
Phone: 816-550-3285

Fellowship Of The Saddle

President: Chaplain Mike Jackson
Phone: 816-506-4494

Christian Horseman’s Fellowship
President: Chaplain Pat Patterson
Phone: 636-486-8910

Champions In Him
President: Chaplain T R Tibbs
Phone: 573-429-6829

Crowley Ridge Chapter
President: Zack Zook
Phone: 573-820-4127
Vice President: Chaplain Jason Williams
Phone: 573-820-3554

Bootheel Cowboy Chapter
President: Chaplain Kevin Swain
Phone: 573-344-1405